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The Forest Hills Terminators win the City Championships in croquet! more

Forest Hills teams place 1st and 3rd in the Central Park Cup Challenge!


Snake season (at least for me) runs from when it gets warm enough to start seeing them until it gets cold enough for them to start looking at hibernation for the winter. Those dates vary from year to year somewhat. The snakes I try to keep account of each year are the highland moccasins (aka: copperheads). There are four posionous snakes in the South and this is one of them. In 2004 (when I started keeping track) we counted 31 or them. In 2005, oddly enough, we had the same number reported; 31. The year-end totals for other years can be found below. If you see one (alive somewhere in the hood) or find one dead in the road (please say about where so as not to count it twice), please report it to me and I'll see where we stand at the end of the season. If bitten by one one of these, seek medical attention immediantely. Treatments for snake bites vary, so if you know the bite came from one of these, tell the ER staff what kind of snake it was so you'll get the right type of treatment. These snakes commonly feed at night. So if you're walking your dog in the street at night, keep a watch out for them as they commonly seek out the warmth of the evening pavement. More photos of "Jake The Snake" can be found in the new "critters" section of this website. Just follow the link above.

Previous years totals: 2008 - 26; 2007 - 19; 2006 - 21; 2005 - 30; 2004 - 30



 ART OF THE PARK (as it once was)
This is a very special treat that has taken me more than a year and a half to put together. We have a limited edition printing of the original artwork (done by fellow neighbor Caroline Sasser) of the Forest Hills Golf Course (circa 1923). We only have 150 of these framed works of art. These should be of particular interest to anyone living on East and West Forest Hills Blvd. because this is your front yard! Any home in the neighborhood would enjoy owning it as much of the neighborhood (in lots) is shown. It's a part of our neighborhood as it once was; now the golf course is our Park. Own the art as was shown in the Historic Homes Tour Booklet. It's been checked by the Carr Brothers for accuracy and will be a wonderful conversation piece that can remain with your home long after you have sold it. It comes framed and ready to hang. $200 by order only; once they are gone, they're gone. Don't miss this one! The limited edition print of 60, personalized with the outline of your home on the lot (if your lot is pictured), will only be available while they last. Just let me know.  


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